Szalkay Art
Photo Art
(Single fotos)

Szalkay received the Fifth Annual Exposure Award, SeeMe Exhibitions, Louvre Paris 2015

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Intellektueller Dürerhase 
  Walk of Fame


Tödliche Transparenz 
  Nandi Poldi     Danach    Woodpecker    Ghosts  

Sprungbrett  Couple in love     EDU    Studio 21    Schnee und Sand


Advent 2020
Books' runway    Starnight

Fototrans Gilgamesh 
  Live or Dead    Ready for Orbit    Whitsun    Venice

    Tied up Worm Cucumber    Cabo da Roca    Gloves love    Inspiration 20    IMS 4-20


  Wer kommt denn da?    Die arme Poetin 1    Die arme Poetin 2

Witches Garden
Tamed Energy Snail flower    Rubinterrasse    40 HT    RT    Talking Chairs


Terrasse winterfest  Wer guckt denn da?    Magie    Evening atmosphere    Happy birthday 2018    Brennessel Bonsai

Salome    Impressionante    Goldfinger    Mobile in the sky    The Alien has landed    Venice18

Anticipation Biennale Venice
    Spirit    Wurm'sche Gurke    Sunrise January    Fog    Tout en blanc


Die fixierte Wurm'sche Gurke Qu'est-ce qui vole là  Wärme    Aliens (Foto)    Frei - unfrei

Hegel'sche Dialektik  Giagometti reloaded Biennale  Rain Arsenale Fächer  Specht

Nightfall Spring is here Foto Love - Opposing War

Terrace by Night Sciencemystery Different Cultures Happy Easter 2017 Paulchen-Julchen


Romantic Love Happy Couple I like music Awarded Berliner Art 2016  Éveil du printemps

Gone to the Beach Vorfrühling One Hour Left Flower power This is mine!!


Die Mühen der Ebene
Fish Good

Walking in springtime
Die Fesseln der Liebe Yum Yum Tower Turtle The Theaters of Saturn

Coup de foudre Birdy Bird Zero Gravity Gravity Zero Backside Forefront Science Mobility

At the wrong place Experience Soul Spirituality Tacheles 7 Tacheles 9 Calling Santa 7

Broken leg Magic Christmas 14 Melancholie XM14 Late Roses Gingko Adlerfarn Owl

Pig family Owl expressive  Disparu Here blue Here 2 Old couple  E-Haus Rosenblätter

Roses & Art Summertime 2014 Pink Roses  DINKS or double luxury Dancing Cranes

Witches' garden
Elefantenaltar Ugly - hab mich lieb Golden PC PC different view PC red

Frühlingsstrauss  Irrwisch  Blaue Rosen Different Double Hat in Red Rabbiz Single-eyed hippo

Beware of attack alligator 
Hebalm Weinebene Hello Tiger Faschingsausklang 2014


Adoration Alignment Architecture Attitude Bathing stones Carnival Doggy dog

Grandiose Hello tiger Historic Hoax Humour Magnificent Night life

Seaside Tuning Twisted Vaunted Walking Witches' dance Witches' egg

Witches' table
Wohin des Weges Zell am See  Home Broken Gardening  How much

Oops_particolored Sketchy Wild wild world Wildlife  Here and now  Mountain hut

 It's a line Die Wahrheit ist krumm Snowlove Thinking Erwachen  Cross-country skiing Don't look back

Faschingsfamilie Dancing books Awards At an angle  Apfelbaum Coming into being

Eros Glamour Glimpse Hello NASA bear Hiking Holy Nativity Living in style Looking around

Obliquely Red and green shoes Roses Sleepy To fly Traveling Vineyard abstract

Venice with hats  Talking  Soboth Relaxing time L'etre et le Neant Hello Finis

Demut Consciousness Butterfly Bizarre Prepare blau Prepare grün Workplace  Applaus

Sommer  Teichalm green  Teichalm purple Venice green Venice purple Venice with hat purple

2010   Königssee
Habmichlieb Cloud computing


2009   Umbrella Tirol Feel that Love


2008   Wonder Wildlife Westküste Weinebene View Stille Science

Lost Hebalm Grüner See Fatigue Desert CA


2007   Pelikan IH HH Death BeaumontH Airplane


  Mohn Lido Hope


2005   Views Seaside Rot Palms Key Hideout Green hat grazil Famous Dancing


2004  Voler Power Alaska


2001   Subtle Stonefroggy Space Ottawa Kanada