Funny Things

Cycle: Love / Globalization -- Series: Funny Things / Tragical Things
Zyklus 'Liebe / Globalisierung' -- Serie: Komisches / Tragisches

Exhibited at:
Artist's Haven Fine Art Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2010
Gail Cerlan Gallery, Lexington, Kentucky 2005
World Fine Art Gallery, New York 20052008, 2009, 2010
Gallerie Michele, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia 2004
Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC 2004
Buchhandlung Moser, Graz 2003
Featured at 6th Annual Media Juried Exhibition (Joe Shannon, Curator) - Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC 2004

Exhibition Catalogue 2010

Acrylic mixed media on canvas. 50 x 50 cm (approx. 20" x 20")
Wooden shadow gap frame (Ophelia violet)


Alfred Adler mused about the option of making fun of himself .. the leopard can change its spots
Mahler, Symphonie Nr. 7 & 9; Evergreens for Dancing