Irma Michaela Szalkay - philosophy of shape

Szalkay Art
Mixed Media on Canvas - Grand Cycles

---------- Installations on canvas ----------

Péchés de vieillesse

---------- Spiritual ----------

Die unmögliche Zweisamkeit des (Nicht) Seins

Le sacre du printemps      Dialectics Light-Dark

Neurosis spiritual        Maltese Virtues Spiritual        Eros - Thanatos

Laughing Without Laughing        Philosophy of Science

Trap Door to the Unconscious          Allegory Love

---------- Abstraction with Emotiveness ----------

Cycle Opera: Catharsis / Recognition (Enlightenment)

Phenomenology of Being          Myth Eros - Pathos Venice

Nibelungs - Varus Year          Inspiration Hermann Hesse

Universal Progress          The Measure of All Things          Life Cycle

Planets         Virtues         Love - Globalization         Space