Cycle The Measure of All Things
Zyklus: Das Maß aller Dinge


Series Activity


Series The Measure of All Things

Faith (Glaube) / Resurgemus

Self (Selbst) / Resurgemus - Libertas

Science (Wissenschaft) / Libertas

Triptychon The Measure of All Things
Series Sacred Numbers

Odd numbers (ungerade Zahlen) / Yang

Even numbers (gerade Zahlen) / Yin

Diptychon Yin - Yang

Series Dialectics of Good and Evil

Good 1 (Gut 1)     Good 2 (Gut 2)     To Be (Sein)     Evil 1 (Böse 1)     Evil 2 (Böse 2)

Pentyptychon Good - To Be - Evil

Series Windows to the Soul

Spine Shakra / Lam (Wurzel-Chakra)     Icon Mantra Lam (Ikone Mantra Lam)

Lower Back Chakra / Vam (Sakral-Chakra)     Icon Mantra Vam (Ikone Mantra Vam)

Solar Plexus Chakra / Ram (Solarplexus-Chakra)     Icon Mantra Ram (Ikone Mantra Ram)

Heart-Chakra / Yam (Herz-Chakra)      Icon Mantra Yam (Ikone Mantra Yam)

Throat Chakra / Ham (Hals-Chakra)     Icon Mantra Ham (Ikone Mantra Ham)

Brow Chakra / Om (Stirn-Chakra)     Icon Mantra Om (Ikone Mantra Om)

Crown Chakra / Aum (Kronen-Chakra)     Icon Mantra Aum (Ikone Mantra Aum)

Icon Mantra Em (Ikone Mantra Em)

Icon Mantra Im (Ikone Mantra Im)


Series Grace / Poetry
Anmut / Poesie

Gentle Poetry (zarte Poesie)

Icon Gentle Poetry (Ikone zarte Poesie)

Gentle / Wild Grace
(milde / wilde Anmut)

Icon Gentle / Wild Grace (Ikone milde / wilde Anmut)

Diptychon Gentle Poetry - Gentle / Wild Grace (Diptychon Zarte Poesie - Milde / wilde Anmut)

Pleasure - Trick
Lust - List

Pleasure - Trick (Lust - List)

Time Line Icons
Icon In A Perfect World (Ikone perfekte Welt)

Icon Power (Ikone Macht)

Icon The Ravages of Time (Ikone der Zahn der Zeit)

Please / Thanks Icons
Icon 'Please' ('Bitte'-Ikone)     Icon 'Thanks' ('Danke'-Ikone)


Icon 'Ping' ('Ping'-Ikone)     Icon 'Pong' ('Pong'-Ikone)